Seated Leg Raise


A seated leg raise is halfway between a laying raise and a hanging/suspended/tractioned one. They are done seated on an elevated surface. Usually the hands are placed on the surface (or arm rests)[2] and bear some of the body's weight to lessen the weight born on the buttox and increase abdominal recruitment.


  1. Sit on edge of bench with legs extended to floor.
  2. Place weight between ankles or use no weight. Grasp edge of bench.
  3. Lean torso back and balance body weight on edge of bench.
  4. Raise your legs off the end of the bench. Bend both legs at the knees and bring them up toward your chest,
  5. Then lower them slowly, tightening your lower abdominal area. Repeat.


  1. Heels may make contact with floor to maintain balance at bottom of movement.
  2. Tensing your ab muscles throughout the movement enhances the effects while protecting your lower back from injury.


  1. Don't sit upright for this exercise. your torso has to be at a 30 degree angle so that you don't hurt yourself. 


Target Muscles


Additional Muscles