Push Jerk


The push jerk adds a jump and dip landing to the push press.  It takes a lot of practice to get good at this movement and you should train with a dowel or bar every workout as a skill warmup. In time you will develop the technique awareness to start lifting reasonable weights overhead. 


  1. The push jerk starts with the barbell supported in the racked position on the front of your shoulders and top of the chest.
  2. Begin the movement by dipping into a quarter-squat and driving the barbell to the overhead position as you catch the bar in a partial squat.
  3. Finish the push jerk by standing up to fully open the hips.


  1. Make sure you are locking out over your center of gravity, which is probably further behind your head than you might expect. This should help with balancing the weights.
  2. When landing after a push jerk, your torso needs to be vertical with your knees bent
  3. Front squats will help your push pressing drive tremendously.


  1. Don't land with a lean and bend in the hips, you are increasing your risk of injury, especially to your lower back. 


Target Muscles

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