One Arm Push Up


So you're bored with the classic push-up. Or you're a monster and think the classic is just too easy. Either way, here are some suggestions to do something challenging instead of the bland push-up.


  1. Assume the standard push-up positions: prone, feet together, hands on the floor just below the level of your shoulders and about shoulders' width apart. Move your feet apart, a little more than shoulders' width.
  2. Lift one hand and rest it on the small of your back
  3. Using the other hand, push your body up from the floor, keeping your back straight. Stop just before you "lock out" your elbow at the top of the movement.
  4. Lower your body with the one arm. To maintain your balance, turn your torso slightly away from the pushing arm.
  5. Continue lowering yourself until your chin is about a fist's width above the floor. Since you angled your torso, your chin should be about where the hand you now have behind your back was when you started the exercise. This is one repetition
  6. Ideally, go back to step one and repeat using your other arm. Repeat to near-exhaustion for an intense arm-chest workout.


  1. Practicing the plank exercise, specifically the one armed version, is an excellent way to get the core muscle strength needed for this exercise.
  2. Be very careful to stop before you tire completely. If your arm gives out you could injure yourself by hitting the floor first!
  3. If you are starting to tire and feel like quitting with only a few reps left, push through. It'll be worth it after and you'll recover.


  1. Don't attempt this exercise until you can do at least 30 regular push-ups in strict form, or if you can't bench press your own weight. You will require a lot of shoulder and tricep strength for this exercise, particularly if you have a high body weight.


Target Muscles


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