Kettlebell Swing


We use kettlebells for many movements, the most common being the kettlebell swing. The kettlebell swing trains "hip drive", which means using the powerful muscles of the hips and legs to drive the kettlebell overhead.


  1. Stand straight with your legs shoulder width apart. Lean forward at your waist slightly and bend your knees so as to go into a semi-squat. Keep your back arched and head facing forward steadily.
  2. Let you arms hang loosely and raise the weight with both hands over your head and inhale. Then, swing the weight with both hands in between the legs towards the back of you while exhaling. Move the kettlebell using power thrusts from the hip, thigh, and lower back muscles. Powerful hip snap on every rep are musts.
  3. Complete 5 to 10 sets of 20 to 50 reps of kettlebell swings with a minute pause between each set of repetitions. With heavier weights, inhale on the swing between your legs and exhale when you raise it above your head.


  1. Drive the bell with your hips.
  2. Have a good lambar curve and a tight core.
  3. Focus the weight on the heels while moving the bell up.
  4. Arms should be fully extended over the head.


  1. Don't use your arm or shoulders to drive the bell, but use your hips.
  2. Do not lose your lumbar curve and soften your core.
  3. Do not drop your chest as you lower the bell.
  4. Do not re-bend your spine when the bell is overhead.
  5. Do not push the bell down, allow it to fall on its own.


Target Muscles

Additional Muscles