Dumbbell Split Lift


Split landings are a great way to develop speed agility coordination and balance, along with core


  1. Standing with feet about shoulder-width apart in the "jumping" position, dumbbells at your side.
  2. While keeping your back straight and head up, dip your legs and jump to a straddled position (one foot in front of the other) while pushing the weight up over your head to a locked out overhead position to complete the movement.
  3. Note that the jump and lift happens in one swift movement with your body "jumping" underneath the dumbbells to receive the weight.
  4. Also note that you need to keep your head up and back straight as you finish the movement. 


  1. Wear a knee band, as your knees take the brunt of the force.
  2. Alternating arms improves agility and coordination.


  1. Don't curve your back, always make sure it is straight at all times.
  2. Avoid this exercise if you have back knee and shoulder problems.


Target Muscles

Additional Muscles