Chest Press (Ball)


Chest muscles need to be strong, however, women don't always want to work these muscles because we think it will make our chest appear larger, but in reality it will just help tone and lift.


  1. Lie on an exercise ball with shoulders and head supported on the ball, and with butt and abs tight to form a bridge.
  2. Start with weights directly over chest, elbows soft. 
  3. Slowly bend elbows and lower arms until your elbows are at 90 degree angles, using your legs, back and abs to balance on the ball. 
  4. Press arms straight without locking, then lower back to starting position.
  5. Use enough weight/resistance that you can ONLY complete the desired number of repetitions.


  1. This is a good exercise for helping you build upper body strength. If you have shoulder, wrist or elbow problems, you should be careful when performing this exercise.


  1. Do not allow the dumbbells to sway toward your head.
  2. Do not allow your hips to drop. Keep your thighs and back in a straight line.
  3. Do not lock your elbow when you straighten your arms.


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